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Rules & Regulations


Registration for the Indian AeroPress Championship 2022 is open to all residents of India.


We want to make participation accessible to all lovers of specialty coffee in India, and therefore we establish a minimum registration fee equivalent to one bag of specialty coffee. Registration entitles you to receive the sample of the competition coffee to prepare the recipe before the celebration of the corresponding Regional Championship. Registered competitors can go to collect their sample of 250 grams of coffee from the venue 10 days prior to the celebration of the corresponding Regional Championship. All registrations must be made through the registration area of ​​this website.


Competitors must prepare a personal AeroPress recipe with the competition coffee received. Ground coffee and water are the only ingredients allowed. Competitors may use a maximum of 18g of roasted coffee in their recipe.


The Regional Coordinators will provide the competition coffee to all the competitors ensuring its maximum quality. The Regional Coordinators will guarantee that all registered competitors receive the sample of 250 grams of the competition coffee 10 days before the celebration of the corresponding Regional Championship. The coffee received will be exactly the same as that received by competitors on the day of the competition.


Competitors can use filtered, bottled water or make their own water, and they must inform the Coordinator of the corresponding Regional Championship about the origin of the water. Adding any flavoring ingredient to the water is not allowed. The organization will provide filtered water to all competitors who do not bring their own water on the day of the competition.


All competitors have 5 minutes to run their personal AeroPress recipe and serve a final drink of at least 150 milliliters to the judges. The final drink must be served in a tasting cup provided by the organization within this time. It is not allowed to add any ingredient. Serving less than 150 milliliters of drink or doing it outside the established time, will mean automatic disqualification. The coffee served to the judges should be warm/hot.


The brewer used must be a genuine AeroPress. No other brewer may be used in the drink preparation. Competitors may use their own equipment being responsible for its installation and removal. The organization is not responsible for loss or damage, so it is recommended that all competitors take extreme care during the competition. Modifying the original design of the AeroPress is not permitted. The organization will guarantee that on the day of the competition, the competitors have access to:

(1) at least one professional grinder;

(2) temperature adjustable kettles;

(3) filtered water; and

(4) tasting cups for the competition.

AeroPress, filters, scales, servers, tasting spoons and all optional preparation instruments must be brought by the competitors themselves.


The Regional Coordinators will constitute a jury made up of at least three recognized experts who will judge the ability of the competitors based exclusively on the quality of the coffee served in a cup. One tie-breaker judge will be appointed who will be judging the coffee only in case of a tie. The members of the jury will not be associated with the brand that organizes the Regional Championship, nor will they maintain a relationship with the competitors. The members of the jury must calibrate before the competition, but they cannot speak to each other when they are judging the cups during the competition.


To select the winners of each round, the tasting cups provided by the organization will be marked with the names/number of the competitors at the bottom. In each round the judges will blindly select a single cup by pointing the finger, all at the same time and on the count of three. Judges should limit themselves exclusively to selecting the cup that they judge best individually. The most voted cup will win. In case of lack of a majority, the tie-breaker judge will decide the winning cup.


The distribution of the tables and the rounds in each Regional Championship will be decided at random once the registrations are closed and attendance has been verified at the appointed time. The distribution will only take into account the competitors present on the day of the competition.

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