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Regional Co-ordinators

Meet our regional co-ordinators for 2022

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Anish Kale


Ph: +91-98818 66946

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Amit Zorba

Surat, Vadodara

Ph: +91-

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Soudh Ibrahim


Ph: +91-98441 29390

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Ph: +91-

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-29 at 18.13.24.jpeg

Sabhyata Patil


Ph: +91-93593 89766


Paresh Gehi


Ph: +91-7489127568

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Sneha Goswami


Ph: +91 76207 78014

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Yash Chhatwani


Ph: +91-98701 00456


  • Coordinate with the coffee sponsor to ensure coffees are handed over to the contestants on time. 

  • Coordinate with the venue sponsor to ensure the following are provided on time before the event - furniture, power, runners for assisting, water supply, etc.

  • Assist the contestants with the questions and doubts that they might have.

  • Coordinate with the national coordinator to align time, venue, dates etc with the sponsors and the judges. 

  • Assist the host and ensure the competition is run according to the rules and regulations of the Indian AeroPress Championship. 

  • Resolve any issues, conflicts or confusions that may arise during the competition. 

  • Promote the event in the region by talking to baristas, café owners, roasters and home brewers through various social media and communication channels.

  • Attend all coordinator meetings in the city or conference calls if and when required. [virtual and on call].

  • Spread, share and communicate the purpose of the competition – to bring the coffee community together, increase knowledge, improve quality standards and represent India in the best way possible on the world stage. 

  • Have fun and represent the specialty coffee industry in its true sense.

Want to be a co-ordinator?

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